We all hold beliefs about who we are and what we can achieve, and most of our beliefs come from our experiences or are formulated through the views and opinions of those around us. We are either limited or expanded by these beliefs. Most of us will experience some limiting beliefs which will be holding us back from achieving our goals, whether this is losing weight, passing that exam, getting the job we want, the relationship or simply feeling better about who we are.

In order to change our beliefs, we must first acknowledge, identify and accept that we may hold some that are no longer serving us, and understand it is these beliefs that are holding us back. They are on a subconscious level so are literally dictating our actions and behaviours causing us to repeat patterns in our lives and end up with the same results.

In order to create a new life, we literally have to create a new state of being and that means becoming aware of our thoughts and some of the habitual behaviour patterns and recognising these patterns are connected to the thoughts that we have i.e. the limiting beliefs we hold.

Here are some common beliefs you may recognise:

I won’t be happy until I have a new job
‘Someone’ has to make me happy
I can’t get anything right, I am a failure
Nothing goes my way
I never have enough time
Life is difficult and no one cares

So, the first step is to ask yourself whether or not you are succeeding in creating the change in your life you so desperately want to see or are you getting the same results, despite your attempts to change things. Are you getting frustrated with some of the repeated emotional patterns that you have in your life and attracting the same experiences?

So what can do we do to change our beliefs – firstly, acknowledge you may have some beliefs, sometimes this is the hardest part because we have to acknowledge that the beliefs we hold may actually be harming us. We then have to identify what they are and then replace them.

Choose one area from your life that you want to improve on?
For example…Health, Finance, Work, Business Relationships, Social and Leisure

Write down the result that you want in a few words
I want…..

List the reasons that you can’t achieve what you want
I can’t because…..

Ask yourself is it really true or just a belief that I hold – what could you replace it with?

Look for supporting evidence. Find some reasons and examples of why this limiting belief is false. Ask yourself again, am I really a failure, is life really difficult?

Tell yourself “I choose not to believe this anymore!”

Then create a new belief that serves you, this will be the opposite of the limiting belief or at least something along those lines.

Remember if your beliefs change the way you act and feel will too!