So, who am I?

I am an experienced mentor, specialist tutor, trainer, and workplace coach.  In March 2014, I made a firm decision to make necessary changes to my health, well-being, and my life. In doing so I discovered how impacting past experiences, trauma, and stress can be on creating habitual actions and patterns of behaviour which ultimately keep us fixed in our past. Through research and CPD, I learned how to get underneath my perceived reality and change these habitual patterns and stuck emotions, to finally make progress where I had been stuck and in doing so evolved my working practice for the benefit of my students and clients.


What I can help with?

I can support and guide you to where you want to be!

Occasionally, we all need someone to help us along the journey, to perhaps facilitate and guide us to where we want to be or to help us develop long term strategies for change … now this is where, coaching, mentoring or study skills support comes in! I can provide what you need – the choice is yours.


Portfolio and Qualifications

For the last 10 years, I have built up a vast portfolio of qualifications, training and work as a mentor, specialist tutor, trainer, a personal development and workplace coach and a motivational speaker. I continually update my skills and practice to benefit clients and students.

All my roles have required enormous amount of skill and ability to motivate others to achieve their goals, whilst at the same time recognising and acknowledging any fears or barriers. I have a natural ability to recognise barriers and motivate others!


Start your journey today

The first step is always the hardest, but when you are ready get in touch to see how I can help