Kind words from clients

I am very proud to work with a range of amazing clients over the years, you can find testimonials from a few of them below.

Workplace Coaching:

It has been a pleasure working with Faraday she showed me new ways of how to manage different situations in life.  I hope that I can hold onto them, to see me through any future times of anxiety. Her holistic approach to the work-based strategies training has been invaluable to me.  Discussing my underpinning problems (anxiety) and her suggestions of holistic coping strategies and how to bring these into the workplace, has been of more benefit to me than any other support I have received previously.

Thank you for everything, I wish Faraday all the best in your future ventures and wellbeing.

Anonymous – Community Care Worker – Occupational Therapy

Faraday is a fantastic coach and I would highly recommend her skills and knowledge for anyone at a cross roads or struggling with where they are in their life right now. Faraday will help you step in the right direction and support your progress.

She has really helped me at a time when I needed assistance. From what began as a specialist educational need support, developed to Faraday going on to be my coach and guide.  My sessions with Faraday have been more helpful than any counselling I have had in the past as she steers me to positive actions rather than becoming stuck in negative reflections. But equally she teaches you to be kind to yourself and identify key past experiences that may be impacting on current issues. This has been extremely helpful in unlocking trauma and working on release techniques.

She is a fantastic communicator and really bounces ideas and concepts which help me view barriers in a different light. This technique has helped me rediscover my strengths and build my confidence. It is a life line for me to give myself the time to work with Faraday to help on my journey of rediscovery. 

She has so much wisdom I could listen to her talk all day! 

Siobhan M – Honiton

Faraday embodies what we all need a reminder of – it takes our own strength and positivity to make the great things that we are capable of happen.

Rosie G – Plymouth

Faraday came and spoke at my university on registration day, it was a day which could have been very anxiety-inducing for us but Faraday’s motivational speaking put us all into a very positive headspace that we carried into the term.

Rosie G – Plymouth

Study Skills:

Faraday is an incredible person. As a study skills tutor, her knowledge and understanding of learning abilities, types and difficulties is substantially extensive. With her tutorage, I learned a great deal about myself as a learner. She instinctively knows the difference between procrastination and a block. She has an amazing amount of patience for her students.


As a mentor, Faraday is an astonishing spiritual and calming person. Her ability was second to none in understanding my thoughts, feelings and actions tracing them to potential roots, as well as others around me. She guided me into healthier behaviours. Without her support, I may not have reached where I am now.

Imogen H – Activities Programmer – Torquay

Faraday’s support at university has been invaluable. As my specialist tutor and mentor she has helped me so much with my academic work and my anxiety and mental health difficulties. She has shown me different techniques to ease stress and reactions, develop strategies for work and has helped me to implement them. He guidance and suggestions have helped me grow with my academic work and shown me how to improve on so many aspects and areas of my life.  Faraday’s knowledge and expertise of academia and how to survive university as a disabled student has ensured that I was able to stay the course at university. She has the capacity to really connect and understand what you need to achieve your goals and get motivated. Without Faraday’s support, help and guidance I don’t believe I would have succeeded in university.

Kathryn H – Student Plymouth

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