The words we use have a profound effect on how we feel and create our energy – good or bad. Have you ever noticed when we engage in our negative self-talk we start to feel the way that we are thinking or speaking? So often we don’t even notice the words we use when speaking, to others, we simply don’t pay attention to what we say.

However, the moment we do is the moment that magic starts to happen. When we become very consciously aware of not only the words rolling around our head, but also those that we are use to communicate, we can make subtle shifts in how we are feeling and thinking. In doing so, subtle shifts in our external world will also start to appear.

Test it out, take a day whereby you set the intention to observe and listen to yourself and the words you use as if you were listening to others, make a note of how you feel. If your words are predominately negative make a conscious decision to change what you are saying. By practising a new narrative for a few minutes every day will have a ripple effect in your life and create more enjoyable experiences.