By tapping into your own energy and power and look to the universal energy that surrounds us all you can recharge yourself, stay focused and stay positively motivated for change. By choosing very wisely who you work with and what you take on, you can be successful in what you do. By looking for solutions rather than staring at the problem you can stay emotionally detached from the negativity that we can attach to our personal and working lives.

Remember only take on what you know you have the time to do and choose your battles very carefully so to speak! Never go into fighting or resisting, (what you resist persists!!) go with love and peace in my heart, and be assertive when you have to be. Strength and motivation comes from the giving and the grounded attitude you take towards life. Life happens through us not to us… when you live by this motto you can achieve anything you want.

We are all part of an incredibly beautiful world and we all have a role to play, we all are here to create and to bring goodness into it – some are just not quite aware of it yet, so if by doing what I do helps with that then great! I focus on the good in the world, I know there is not bad stuff happening, but why focus on that, when we focus on the good it grows and isn’t that what we want more of?

Say yes to what comes your way either good or bad – when we say yes to the universe and what it sends we open ourselves up to more possibilities and less resistance. When we try to block out the bad we also block out the good from reaching us.