Albert Einstein said… “We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive”

At the core of any change, is the change of thinking, on a global scale. We create our immediate world through how we think and how we feel. So, if each one of us is doing this, imagine collectively the effect that we are having on the world, simply through the way we think and feel.
In order to change our external world, we have to change how we think about it. In order to invite a change in our lives, we have to address our perception of what we want and what is around us. If we keep thinking in the same way about the things we want, and we have not yet received them, then maybe it is time for a change in out thoughts and feelings.
To change one’s perception is not easy, and only we can change our own minds, we can be influenced by things around us, and by what we see and hear, but ultimately our thoughts and perceptions belong to us and they will dictate how we see the world. All our current thoughts and feelings come from past experiences, and these past experiences are dictating how you see your future and how you will experience future events and what kind of world we will live in. If you want to change something and change your future start with your perception of it and address the feelings and emotions attached to it. Never mind what others are doing and thinking… it is you and only you whose thinking counts.
If each one of us sees through the lens of our own perception from our past experiences, then what does this say about the current world we live in and the experiences which are happening on a global scale. This is why there is so much conflict and disagreement – not because we are right or we are wrong, but because we all see through our own lens and experiences and we attract those who feel the same, we attract those with the same energy. So in order to change the world, we need a climactic shift in energy and thinking on a global scale. But this takes time….
The world is made of energy, the universe is energy, we are all energy, the ground you walk on the trees and plants, the animals and the oceans, it is all energy so this is what needs to change. So, surround yourself with people who think like you, who share the same morals and values, who want to create a better world, those who have a likened energy.
Remember energy flows where our attention goes – so take your attention off what you ‘don’t’ want in the world and shift it to what you do want… for example if you want to see more trees planted and less rainforest being destroyed focus on planting trees, share stories of how this can help the planet and climate change….. if you want to see peace, focus less on past conflict and more on peace.
We all have many experiences that dictate who we are, but don’t let this dictate the world in which we live. Use kind words, kind thoughts and most of all create for yourself a place of good energy wherever you go and allow this to radiate out and in doing so we can collectively draw to us more good energy and expand this directly out into the world. When we hate and project this out, all we are actually doing is harming ourselves and creating a world of conflict.
So go quietly and peacefully in your endeavors… the world doesn’t need more negative energy or conflict, it needs good energy, healing energy, and collective consciousness that sees a substantial shift in our thinking. When we can do this together and only share what we want to see change and in doing so we will bring change….. this world will be here long after we are gone, mother nature will always win out.
The universe speaks to us every day and we are not listening, the quiet voice in your head that gently nudges you towards change, is your soul, your universe and it is time we started to listen…