Slow down you will get where you need to be.

As the saying goes time is a great healer… and it is. Time is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and others. When we are healing, taking a journey of change or simply helping someone else, it is time that is the most beautiful gift we can give. When we give our time to someone without want or return we are telling someone they are worth it. When we give time to ourselves we are telling ourselves we are worth it. And this is the greatest gift. As human beings, we are governed by clock time, working to deadlines, targets and goals and in a rush to get to the end of the day or week.

We must remember that change takes time, healing takes time, transformation takes time, recovery takes time. Those moments that we devote to our own journey, our own healing will ensure that we heal in the way we need too. When we want to make change in our lives it is not instantaneous, it will take time; and for some we feel that we need to rush to get to our destination. We are all headed to the same place, so why rush to get there.

We cannot rush or speed up the process, our journey of healing or change will take the time it needs…. a tree will grow as it needs to, nature does what it needs to for the seed to grow flourish and transform.  An acorn will grow into the oak tree – it has a goal and a target but it does not panic or rush to get there. It takes all the time it needs to grow into a beautiful and strong oak tree. First it will ensure that there is a good solid foundation, strong roots will grow and then with the passing of the seasons, the acorn will become the sapling and spring up through the earth and grow into the strong adult tree, planting its roots firmly in the ground. Mother nature does not rush the process, she allows the tree to gently grow, taking from the earth what it requires to blossom into adulthood

As we grow from a baby to a child to a teenager to an adult, it takes time, we don’t rush it; we simply allow ourselves to grow, and we grow and develop in the way we need to, and in the time, we need to moving through the stages of our growth and learning as we go. So, when we become adults why the hurry, why rush to get somewhere, why the haste, why do we need to rush. Just give yourself time, this is your greatest gift to give yourself and others, just give yourself the time to become beautiful butterfly that you are meant to be.