Lighting the proverbial fire under your bum

As part of my coaching and mentoring, I offer motivational talks for groups large or small. My story is very unique and despite many odds, I have been taken a very significant journey of change towards discovering my true purpose in life. My story has inspired and motivated many others to make the changes they wanted to create a better life for themselves and their external world.

I have changed my life on many levels and it is my hope that I get the opportunity to share this with you, so I can inspire you to take the same steps towards creating the type internal change needed to positively impact on this world. Change ultimately begins within; my story is a somewhat turbulent, amusing and at times very tough journey of internal change. By turning my soul inside and out, upside down and back around I created the internal change needed to get myself on a path of abundance and joy.

Motivational and inspirational talks can support positive change and increase development and progress on a larger scale. The talks I provide are incredibly effective in inspiring many individuals to not only gain confidence and insight into their habitual patterns and what is holding them back but to also develop awareness of how other people have got over hurdles and barriers to be successful.

Pricing structure

Cost is dependent on needs, group size and the length of the talk. If the talk includes a Q & A session this will costed into the final price. Prices may however also include any additional costs if there is substantial travel and any overnight stays. Please contact me for further details or if you have any questions.

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Large events
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The first step is the hardest one.

I know first hand that the first step is the hardest one, but no journey ever started by standing still! Once you are ready, get in touch, and we can start your journey together.

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